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„FARMA”, a farm equipment firm, has been existing since 1992. It produces, sells and assembles appliances to a poultry, pig and cattle breeding. As the only firm in Poland it produces elements to a fodder dosage and a poultry water. We ensure our clients low prices, a high quality of our products, a professional recommendation and service. We are in a position to face market’s demands due to our long experience. Thanks to competence and solidity of our employees we are going to achieve success in the near future.


1. for poultry
• a droplet and bowl watering system
• a fodder dosage system (a spiral and chain fodder-draw device)
• a ventilation system (wall and chimney fans, window-blinds, air-inflows)
• a heating system (an oil and a gas warming up device, a gas-ray device)
• a microclimate control system (microclimate controls, thermostats).
2. for pigs
• an auto-nourishing device (dry and wet food), a fatten device,
• a fodder-draw device,
• a watering device (bowl, injectors, drenchers, a piglet watering mechanism)
• a ventilation system (fans, air-inflows, stock-account windows, controls)
• accessories (tattoo making devices, chalks, piercing devices)
• breeding-grounds, sow-pens, panels.
3. for cattle
• boxes,
• a watering device,
• a ventilation system (fans, windows, air-inflows, controls)
• accessories (lair mats, earrings)

Since 1999 we are a producer of modern pivotal fans. High-efficient, power-safe, dust- and waterproof fans are specially recommended for common use in stock-account objects (like: cowsheds, poultry farms, sties). The propellers are made of a metal nave and of exchangeable spades (made of plastic). Single-phased motors have a possibility to regulate the rotation fluent from 35 to 100% when you use an adequate rotation regulator and an insurance mechanism against congestion which is built-in.

A droplet catering system:
• An injector type B (single-humeral bowl)

• A super injector


2. A bowl watering system:

• An INDO bowl • A FAAR bowl
3. A fodder dosage system
• A spiral fodder-draw device • A chain fodder-draw device
4. A ventilation system
• A chimney ventilation • A side ventilation
1. A nourishing device for porkers                   2. Watering devices        3. Injectors                                         4. Accessories      
Wall single-phased fans

Fan W1F40                         Fan W1F50                          Fan W1F63

Chimney single-phased fans
Fan W1F40/K                               Fan W1F45/K                            Fan W1F50/K                       Fan W1F63/K  

Wall triple-phased fans

Fan W3F40                                  Fan W3F50                              Fan W3F63
Chimney triple-phased fans
Fan W3F40/K                           Fan W3F45/K                                            Fan W3F50/K                               Fan W3F63/K
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